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Precise synaptic balance of excitation and inhibition

The main paper of my PhD just got published: Rupprecht and Friedrich, Precise Synaptic Balance in the Zebrafish Homolog of Olfactory Cortex, Neuron (2018). (PDF) You might like it if you are also interested in Classical balanced networks Things you … Continue reading

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Entanglement of temporal and spatial scales in the brain, but not in the mind

In physics, many problems can be solved by a separation of scales and thereby become tractable. For example, let’s have a look at surface waves on water: they are rather easy to understand when the water wave-length is much larger … Continue reading

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Open access 3D electron microscopy datasets of brains

One of the coolest technical developments in neuroscience during the last decade has been driven by 3D electron microscopy (3D EM). This allowed to cut large junks of small brains (or small junks of big brains) into 8-50 nm thick … Continue reading

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The basis of feature spaces in deep networks

In a new article on Distill, Olah et al. write up a very readable and useful summary of methods to look into the black box of deep networks by feature visualization. I had already spent some time with this topic … Continue reading

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Neuroscience on Youtube

Recently, I’ve been to the Basel ICON conference, where the recent Nobel laureate Eric Betzig gave an impressive talk on microscopy techniques (including lattice light sheet, SIM and expansion microscopy). Some days ago, I found a similar talk by Eric … Continue reading

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Beyond correlation analysis: Dynamic causal modeling (DCM)

I was surprised to find a method like DCM in Olav Stetter’s list (link) for neural network methods (even as a so-called ‘standard method’), because it differs from those I discussed before. I will now describe why I don’t think … Continue reading

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Beyond correlation analysis: Transfer entropy

When reading through the first informative¬†web pages on¬†transfer entropy, it turns out how closely its concept is related to mutual information, and even closer to incremental mutual information; and, although it’s based on a totally different approach, it tries to … Continue reading

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